Ditch the Yo-Yo Dieting!

Our online 4-month LiveWell program is designed to help you transform your life giving you the tools, resrouces, education and support to

TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH, lose weight and feel amazing!

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • You’ve tried every diet under the sun and you are tired of dieting.
  • You've tried every magic pill, potion, and patch your friend sells and you are tired of these temporary fixes.
  • You've tried to be your own "wellness expert" after searching Dr. Google and piecing together a little of this and a little of that creating your own program that's NOT getting you results.
  • You've tried every "shiny" quick fix thing out there but what you're really looking for is food freedom and a learning to have a better relationship with FOOD.
  • You're sick of your beging uncomfortable in your own skin (and your jeans) or taking a handfuls of pills to manage all your chronic health symptoms from high blood sugar and high blood pressure to anxiety to insomnia!
  • You've worked really, really hard and it seems like it's not paying off, no matter what you do!


Here’s the thing, you HAVE worked really hard to build a life you can be proud of. You are great at raising and caring for your children and your spouse, your community and your friends. You are killing it in every way EXCEPT your health and wellness. You want something different. Something Better. Something MORE!

Why is it we are able to juggle all the balls in the air but keep letting this area of personal wellness drop? Don’t you feel like it should just be a little easier than it is?

I want you to know…….. I HEAR YOU!

Imagine Achieving These Results!

Where Will You Be 4 Months From Today?

Imagine A Healthy You!

  • Shed The Weight & Improve Your Metabolism-  A natural result of learning to eat healthier and improve your hormones is that you can shed weight more easily with reduced hunger and cravings. Reboot your metabolism so it starts working for you instead of against you! This means keeping the weight off may be easier than before.
  • Improve Your Health Conditions and Ditch the Meds! How will it feel to have your symptoms improve:

High Blood Sugar

High Blood Pressure

High Cholesterol

High Triglycerides

Inflammatory Conditions A

Arthritis aches and pains

Autoimmune Conditions

Gut Dysfunction

  • Improve Your Mindset-  Learning a new way for life isn’t just about food! We will give you the tools to have a better relationship with food and other key areas of your life. Instead of letting life happen TO you, you'll feel ready to make life happen FOR you.
  • Flexibility- You are in Control- Many diets can feel restrictive while others are not structured enough to help you with results. We have the plan for both!
  • Discover how to LIVE WELL for life- Instead of being stuck on the endless, frustrating cycle of yo-yo dieting, you will learn a new way to eat that is forever! A way that helps you Get Healthy and lose the excess weight and Stay Healthy, keeping the weight off for good! Through our weekly education modules you will learn important keys to not only lose weight but how to keep it off for good. I believe knowledge is POWER and I want you to have that power to take control of your health not just for weight loss but for LIFE.
I Want to Learn More

A little about me.

After struggling with my own weight and food issues, I learned a new way for life that has transformed the way I think and treat food! I lost over 50 pounds TWELVE years ago and have continued to StayWell! After working as a licensed nurse for 15 years, I began helping our community get and stay healthy by developing a program that helps you stay motivated, become empowered and get results. There truly is no magic pill when it comes to getting and staying healthy. It requires a healthy mindset, a new way of thinking of food and what truly is "healthy" and a lot of support. I'm excited to help you transform your life and learn a new way for life! Won't you join me on this journey to finding the healthiest version of you!


Certified Health Coach

Our 4 Month Program Includes.....

Knowledge is Power

16 Weekly Online Health Modules

Each module delivered to your email or viewed in your app contains a short video from Katie about an important wellness topic that will help you learn more about your body and how it works as well as information that will give you knowledge to get and stay healthy long term. Modules will also contain some written info, shared articles and take away action points to to apply for the week ahead! These modules can be accessed at anytime and are go at your own pace! Check out our FAQs for more information on our education topics.

Online Coaching Support and Accountability

Weekly LIVE Group Coaching!

Each week, we will meet together on zoom for a LIVE coaching session! We will talk about our wins and losses and ask and answer questions to help get more results. Sessions will be recorded and available to watch for up to one week afterward but we hope you can make it LIVE. Questions can be submitted ahead of time if you don't want to ask on the call. Need private time with Katie to ask personal questions or troubleshoot? Twelve 20 minute "back-pocket" private calls are included with your LiveWell program.

24/7 Access at Your Fingertips

Resource Library Toolbkit!

This resource library can be accessed anytime! We will add valuable tools and resources for you to utilize throughout your journey. Weight loss meal guides, recipes ideas, menus, dining out guides, Smart Swap Suggestions, Stocking your Pantry and so much more!

Measure, Monitor, Track

Food & Lifestyle Tracker

Our exclusive Lifestyle tracking app through BETTER allows clients the ability to easily track their meals, calories, macros as well as lifestyle habits like movement, sleep, stress and so much more. You can only measure what you monitor and you can only improve what you measure! This is an important tool to utilize for success! It provides self accountability AND best of all, your coach can view your progress and give you pointers!

Support & Encouragement

Private Community Group Chat

Have you ever tried to do something on your own? It's hard and often makes the journey seem so long! Our group program allows you to meet others who are on the same journey! Our group chat allows members to encourage, support and communicate directly with one another! Meet a new friend online or in your community!

Develop Your Plan to Achieve

1:1 Personal Support

Before you get started on your journey, it's important to determine where you want to go! Every participant starts off with a 30 minute private strategy call. It's a great opportunity for Katie to get to know you better and help you develop your personal goals. Throughout the program, 12 "back pocket" 30 minute support calls with Katie are there if you need to discuss private or individual concerns.

How Do I Know If This Is Right For Me?

We want you to be absolutely sure this program is for you. Our program is built on 11 years of experience working with thousands of successful clients toward their weight loss goals. We know a thing or two about losing weight and we have taken all the best pieces of what we have learned and put them together in this complete 16 week program. We want to help you LIVE your best life not just live longer.

This program is for you if…….

  • You are tired of yo-yo dieting and want to learn a new way.
  • You are looking for education and support to take control of your own health.
  • You are looking for a long-term solution for weight and health management.
  • You want to be in control of your food instead of your food controlling you.
  • You want to stop "starting over on Monday" and trade the "diet" mindset for practical lifestyle changes to sustain your health!

Ready to Go?

Our 4 Month LIVE WELL program is designed to help you learn healthier habits, lose weight and improve your health!

$99 to Enroll Then

Choose the option that works best for you!

Whole Foods

Want to build healthy habits that transform your health and wellness and build the foundation for long term success? This program allows clients to utilize 100% of their own whole foods for rebuilding the foundation of good health, lose weight and feel better! This is best suited for those who desire to lose less than 15 pounds or are happy with slow and steady results OR those just looking to LIVE WELL and be healthy.

  • 16 Weekly Online Learning Modules
  • 16 Weekly LIVE group coaching calls
  • 24/7 access to Resource Library Toolkit including a flexible Meal Guide
  • BETTER food and lifestyle tracking app
  • Private community group chat
  • 1:1 Private Strategy call & 12 Private 30 minute calls with Katie
  • 90 Protein Weigh4Life Meal Replacements
  • 30 Day supply of supplementation



Protein Power

With Protein Power, our average client loses 40 pounds over the 4 month program. The framework of this program is the same as clients utilizing whole foods but we are accelerating the results so you can stay motivated and feel and look better faster than ever! Protein Power uses a combination of convenient Weigh4Life protein meal replacements AND proteins, veggies and fruits!

  • 16 Weekly Online Learning Modules
  • 16 Weekly LIVE group coaching calls
  • 24/7 access to Resource Library Toolkit including a flexible Meal Guide
  • BETTER food and lifestyle tracking app
  • Private community group chat
  • 1:1 Private Strategy call & 12 Private 30 minute calls with Katie
  • 90 Protein Weigh4Life Meal Replacements
  • 30 Day supply of supplementation



We've got A's for your Q's

What if I don't need to lose a lot of weight?

The LiveWell 4 month program isn't based on how much weight you desire to lose. It's focusing on how to LiveWell every day by fueling your body with healthy foods and taking care of your body through healthy lifestyle choices. Some folks may meet their target weight early on in the program while others will still be working towards their final weight loss goal after the program has ended. The goal of LiveWell is to offer support, guidance, and education to empower you with the tools you need to know how to achieve your target now and maintain your success in the future.  

Is this program developed by a doctor or dietitian?

Our program is based on our experience with helping thousands of clients successfully lose weight over the last 11 years. Katie teamed up with a dietitian to create meal guides that are based on metabolic science and focuses on cutting out foods with higher glycemic indexes that cause blood sugar and insulin spikes leading to storage of unwanted fat. Both program options include a wide variety of fresh whole proteins, veggies and fruits. we work on building a lifestyle, not crash dieting or completely eliminating food groups. We want this change to be successful long-term....... not just while you lose weight.

Why will this diet work when so many others have failed?

There are many reasons why people struggle with "diets". We see our program as a lifestyle shift rather than a diet. Throughout the 4 month program, participants will be learning more about how their bodies work and how food and lifestyle choices impact their weight. We will build healthy habits together all while having the support and accountability that many other "diets" lack.

Do I have to be on social media to do this program?

Nope!!! All the information is in the Practice Better which you can download on your smart phone or use your personal computer or laptop! We do have support on social media but it's not necessary to participate in the program and you will not lose any program benefits if you don't have social media.

Can I drink alcohol on this program?

We do recommend abstaining from alcohol consumption during this lifestyle change due to how your body responds to low carb eating. Participants may choose to partake in small amounts of alcohol with the awareness that it may slow weight loss results and could cause rebound cravings and hunger.

Does my location matter?

You do NOT have to be local to our community to participate! Our program can be completed 100% online and the best part is, you won't miss out on any community! We offer shipping for all Protein Power options and all our platforms are virtual!

How soon can I start?

You can start today!!!!! If you are choosing the whole foods option, all access to meal guides, tools and resources begins within 30 minutes of registration! If you are registering for the Protein Power option, you will receive access to your Wellness Resource Toolkit immediately. Your monthly payments will begin when you pick up (or ship) your supplies! With both options, you can schedule your Strategy Call with Katie as soon as you register!

What will I learn in the Weekly Modules?

Each weekly module can be completed at your own pace, any time of day and are located in your app which can be accessed on your phone or computer! Over the 16 weeks, we cover KEY information that is the foundation for transforming and sustaining your health! Some topics we cover are:

  • The Science of the Body- how our bodies store and burns energy and how we can flip the switch from sugar burning to fat burning.
  • Wellness Wheel Topics that affect your lifestyle and weight- These include how to improve your: movement, intake (nutrition), sleep and stress.
  • Mindset Reset- Conquering a healthy mindset is about 85% of reaching our goal. It's how we keep our motivation and succeed. We will focus on setting SMART goals, positive mindset and working through self-sabotage and even conquering cravings.
  • Lifestyle Habits- how to develop every day steps, actions and habits that achieve long term sustainable results like: meal planning and cooking strategies, how to manage staying healthy during the holidays and celebrations of life and of course vacations.

What is I choose the "Protein Power" option but achieve my weight loss goal before the 4 months is finished?

Many "Protein Power" participants are surprised at how quickly they lose weight with this program. If you have less than 30 pounds to lose, you may reach your target weight before the LiveWell program is complete. To finish the program but save on costs, you may switch to the "Whole Foods" pricing option to complete the total program and have continued support while you transition!

I have more questions. Can I speak with someone before I sign up?

We are not afraid of questions! If after reviewing the information about LiveWell you still have questions, you can book a FREE 15 minute private Discovery Call with Katie to learn more!

What if I have dietary restrictions?

Both of our programs are flexible and meet many different dietary needs. We can accomodate gluten sensitive and vegetarian diets and everything can be modified for each individuals tastes. Because this is a low carb lifestyle, many dietary concerns are improved with this approach. As with all lifestyle changes, consult your physician before beginning a new program if you have dietary or medical concerns.


What is my personal investment?

The key to successfully improving your lifestyle starts with a mindset shift. If we are going to be successful at anythnig in life, we must be willing to put in some time and effort. Our role at Weigh4Life is to provide you with tools, education, resources and support to learn a new lifestyle but it is up to each participant to apply what they are learning in their every day life! If you can commit to spending at least `15 minutes a day on your overall health and wellness, you will be able to see changes! The learning modules can be completed at any time of the day and you have 24/7 access to your toolkit so you can plan, prepare and learn anytime! Our most successful clients see big changes when they track their food and lifestyle in their app daily, attend the live coaching sessions and complete the learning modules!

What results can I expect to see during the 4 month program?

LiveWell is not a crash diet. It's a lifestyle based program with many different options so results will vary as they are impacted by a variety of factors. In ou-r experience, participants following our Protein Power program have typcially lost 8-15 pounds a month while our Whole Foods participants may lose 5-8 pounds monthly. Beyond weight loss, all participants report feeling better and seeing their health markers (like

What happens after the 4 month program is complete?

Great question! We would love to continue to offer you support and resources on your journey to maintain your new found health. If you have reached your target weight and want continue support, we encourage every participant to join our TLC program. This "Transformed Living Club" offers continued access to your toolkit, food and lifestyle tracking, Live coaching and private calls. Learn more HERE. If you still have some weight to lose after the 4 month program is complete, you can choose to continue month to month and maintain access to all the program resources.